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A.V. Immigration & Career Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (Apex Visas) is Pune based company that has endeavoured since its inception in 2010 to bring a one stop solution to all your migration related queries.


We are well known in the immigration circle for our specialized services & are praised by our clients for enriching their experience in Visa facilitation. We have a global presence with a strategic network of own and associate offices in 25 locations across the world. We are planning to extend our services to over 50 offices by the year end. The core team of Apex Visas is spearheaded by people with more than twenty years of domain expertise. They have precision knowledge in the fields of Immigration, Visa processing and other related services. To ensure prompt and hassle free services we have a team of handpicked executives who go through rigorous & in-depth training on country specific immigration and visa processing norms & rules to arm them with the requisite knowledge. Our executives have thorough knowledge & hands-on experience in dealing with immigration procedures followed by Embassies & High Commissions. Once you register you are assigned a case-officer who will guide you through the entire application process and assist you at every stage. They work in tandem with you to complete the process on time ensuring successful results. Just walk into any of our offices around the globe and you can talk to our counsellor to learn more about the country of your interest. With our tailor made solutions, you will have a flexibility to choose the right package that is both appropriate and affordable.

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To provide quality driven services to clients interested to migrate, travel or visit anywhere in the world. Services that are fast and ensure results, we train and constantly upgrade our expertise to provide the best possible services to our clients. What makes us stand apart is not just our dedicated team of employees; who strive to provide our clients with the best solution to all their concerns & for the simple reason that we treat each of our clients as special. We promise you desired results within the minimum time frame at the most reasonable prices.


The Apex visas vision is to create innovative, quality-driven organization which is reliable & affordable and creates a better, secure career & lifestyle for the people wishing to settle abroad. We promise to be models of excellence and processes.



The skilled people who want to migrate have to apply for Skilled Migration Visa that is generally based on the skills or education background of the applicant. The visa helps to target the skilled people who want to make their career in different countries and like to make contribution in that country’s economy. To meet up for the application, the candidates undergoes certain point tests and it is important to qualify for a skilled permanent resident policy.

The skilled people are assessed on the basis of AGE, OCCUPATION and language like ENGLISH. The applicant may also apply by giving the proof of their relative who is the native in the country, by issuing their proof ids and status. The skilled applicant also requires medicinal checks before the permanent residential visa is not approved. The skilled applicants have the legacy for permanent resident for specified no. of years and then can be a citizen of that country.

Australia, the world’s smallest continent as well as the world’s largest island, the name is derived from the Latin AUSTRALIAS, means southern, legends of an “unknown land of the south.Australia is often referred to as the “lucky country” with pulsating economy, political stability and a quality of life envied by many. Australia is known around the world for its stunning landscapes.A great country to live in and do business, Australia has an enviable reputation as it offers premium standard of living.Effective July 1, 2012, new points system has been rolled out the below mentioned Skilled Migration Visas. The Qualifying Score is now 60 points for Skilled Subclasses:

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

The most sought after permanent resident visa by immigrants who are looking to immigrate to Australia was introduced to meet the growing demand for skilled workers. The Australian migration department follows a point based score where the applicant must score at least 60 points based on Age, Qualifications, Language Ability, Experience and others. Only if the applicant is able to fulfil the minimum point requirement and also fulfil the requirements mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) they can apply for immigration to Australia. Applicants fulfilling the minimum criterions do not need to secure sponsorship from the Australian states or territories.

Benefits of Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

  • A permanent resident has the right to stay in Australia indefinitely
  • A permanent resident has access to all the health care benefits under Medicare as well as certain social security benefits
  • A permanent resident can apply for citizenship after staying in Australia for 4 years
  • A permanent resident can sponsor his/ her family for permanent residency
  • A permanent resident can get dependents if they comply with Australian immigration laws


The Australian government follows a point based system which the applicants have to fulfil to be eligible for immigration to Australia – the applicants have to secure a minimum of 60 points.The criterions for the same are mentioned below,

  • Age: The applicant should not be more than 50 years old
  • Nominated Occupation: The applicants must be able to nominate an occupation in accordance to the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) as per their skills, qualifications and experience.
  • English Language Ability: The applicants must prove that meet the minimum requirements specified by the Australian Immigration department and to prove so they need to submit the score cards from different language assessment examinations like IELTS, TOEFL (ibt), PTE(A) etc.
  • Experience: The applicants must be able to provide details of relevant work experience both inside Australia and outside as per the demands of Nominated occupation
  • Education: The applicants must provide details of Education
  • Skill Assessment: The applicants must secure a positive skill assessment report from the relevant authorities for filing of the application.

Stages of Application:

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190):

The Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa (Subclass 489) is a provisional Visa which is granted for a period of 4 years for individuals who cannot meet the requisites of Skilled Independent Visa either subclass 189 or 190 – Skilled Regional Sponsored visa subclass 489 is a pathway to an Australian permanent resident visa.

The basic requirements for a subclass 489 visa are,
  • The applicant must secure sponsorship either from a sponsoring state/ Territory or form a relative residing in the area,
  • The applicant must meet the 60 point benchmark
  • The applicant must live for 2 years in the sponsoring state and work for at least 12 months to be eligible to apply for Permanent Residence.

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The Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments are constantly introducing new laws and programs to ensure successful resettlement for the immigrants. There are numerous options under which you may reach and settle in the Maple Country Canada.

Express Entry System

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has launched the Express Entry system to manage applications for permanent residence and applicants from across the world who qualify under Federal Skilled Worker Program/ Canadian Experience Class/ Federal Skilled Trades Program or a portion of Provicial Nominee Program will be offered the Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residency by the authorities. The qualifying criteria to receive the invitation varies from Program to Program. For people to qualify under the FSWP and FSTP, the candidate must have an Employment Offer approved by the competent authorities in Canada whereas, to apply for Permanent Residency under PNP, the candidate must receive a state Nomination and for Canadian Experience Class they need to meet the selection criteria.

It will be a point-based system. A maximum of 1200 points can be allotted under the Express Entry system. Points break- up will be as follows:

A maximum of 500 points for human capital factors like age, education, experience, and language will be awarded; 40 points will come from if an applicant has an accompanying spouse or common-law partner, and up to 80 points if the candidate holds at least one year of experience in Canada

Transferrable skills will add another 100 points. Skills that can be used across different jobs and industries in technical and non-technical areas are usually referred to as transferrable skills

600 points will be awarded if the applicant has a job offer in Canada or have received nomination certificate from any of Canadian provinces

Anyone who is accepted into the Express Entry pool could get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence. Only the candidates who fall in the top bracket will get this ITA. The draws will be conducted every month. If the candidate has been invited to apply, the candidate will have 60 days to submit a complete Application for Permanent Residence online.

To sum up, once the online application is received it goes through the following steps:

  • Step 1- Candidates create an Express Entry profile identifying their skills and qualifications in an online resume. The profile is then ranked against other applicants based on various factors that indicate that the candidate will be an asset to the Canadian workforce.
  • Step 2- Those applicants that do not have a Canadian job offer from an employer will need to register in the Canada Job Bank site.
  • Step 3- Assessment of every profile in the Job Bank is done to judge who could meet the criteria of a federal economic program and then upgraded with other entries in the Express Entry pool.
  • Step 4- If an application is selected, the applicant will be issued an Invitation to Apply to which he/she needs to respond within 60 days’ time to qualify for permanent residence.

Federal Skilled Trades Program:

This is a dedicated and streamlined program that will help transform Canada’s immigration system into a fast and flexible system focused on jobs, growth and long-term prosperity. The new program ensures greater consideration is given to the needs of industry when processing eligible immigration applications. The Federal Skilled Trades Program is for people who want to become permanent residents based on being qualified in a skilled trade. There are some conditions that an applicant applying under this category must ensure to have complied with.

Those basic requirements are as under:

  • Must have at least two years of full-time work experience (or an equal amount of part-time work experience) in a skilled trade within the five years before applying
  • Must meet the job requirements for that skilled trade as set out in the National Occupational Classification (NOC)
  • Must have a full time employment letter for the time period of at least one year; or a certificate of qualification in that skilled trade issued by a Canadian Provincial or Territorial authority.

Work Experience

Skilled Trades currently eligible for the Federal Skilled Trades Program are organized under these major and minor groups of the NOC:

  • Major Group 72, industrial, electrical and construction trades,
  • Major Group 73, maintenance and equipment operation trades,
  • Major Group 82, supervisors and technical jobs in natural resources, agriculture and related production,
  • Major Group 92, processing, manufacturing and utilities supervisors and central control operators,
  • Minor Group 632, chefs and cooks, and
  • Minor Group 633, butchers and bakers.

These major NOC groups are subdivided into different occupations. (All are NOC skill type B.) The applicant must show that he did the duties set out in the lead statement of the occupational description in the NOC, including all the essential duties and most of the main duties listed.


There is no education requirement for the Federal Skilled Trades Program. But, if the applicant wants to earn points for education under Express Entry, either of the following requirements needs to be accomplished.

  • a Canadian post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree,
  • Or, an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report produced by an agency approved by CIC to show it is equal to Canadian education standards.

Language ability

The applicant must meet the minimum language level of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 for Speaking & Listening and CLB 4 for Reading & Writing, and take a language test approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) that shows you meet the level for speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nomination is an important fast-track alternative for Canadian Permanent Residency. Most provinces in Canada have an agreement with the Government of Canada that allows them to nominate immigrants who wish to settle in the respective province.

The significant benefit of being nominated under a PNP is that,it is immaterial if you do not have experience in an occupation listed on the Priority Occupation List under Federal Skilled Worker Class or if you have not scored minimum 67 points to qualify for Federal Skilled Category. All Canadian provinces and territories offer unrivalled Provincial Nomination Programs.

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New Zealand is an ideal place to settle – it is a land of opportunity and one of the most sought after destinations by skilled migrants looking to immigrate. The country has a low corruption ratio and beautiful and as per the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations popularly known as ANZSCO the demand for Engineers is high and a candidate fitting the profile can easily immigrate to New Zealand.

Popularly known as the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) it allows people who have skills and experience that is in high demand to move into New Zealand. New Zealand also employs a point system based on certain factors, like age, employment experience, qualifications, and an offer of skilled job. In order to be eligible to apply for immigration to New Zealand the applicant must not be more than 55 years old and should be proficient in English.

The first step in the process of applying for SMC for New Zealand the applicant has to go for a Pre-Assessment Result (PAR) which is a part of the Expression of Interest for the Skilled Migrant Visa. The PAR is an indicative assessment of to verify how one’s qualifications meet New Zealand requirements. Once the PAR result is received the applicant has to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) – where in one can claim points for age, skilled employment, work experience, qualifications etc. The total points secured will help one determine whether to submit the EOI for the selection process. At this stage, no evidence or documentation is required.

Expression of interest is submitted by the applicant to claim points – only if the applicant is able to secure more than 100 points the application will enter the EOI pool. Applications with score of 140 or more get selected first. The EOI application is valid for 6 months and if the application is not selected within 6 months it will lapse.

The New Zealand immigration authority verifies the detail and if they find it credible they share an Invitation to Apply. On receipt of the invitation the applicant has to submit relevant documents to successfully complete the process.


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Denmark, officially the Kingdom of Denmark, is a Scandinavian sovereign state in Northern Europe, with two additional overseas constituent countries also forming integral parts of the kingdom: Greenland and the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic.

Danish Green Card:Danish Green Card is a new way of allowing qualified individuals to live in and work in Denmark. It allows you to take your immediate family members & they too can work / study in Denmark. The process is simple; however, in order to be granted a residence permit under the greencard scheme, you must obtain a minimum of 100 points. Points are given for: educational level, language skills and adaptability.You must document that you are able to support yourself during your first year in Denmark.If you are granted a residence permit, you must take out a full health insurance covering you and any accompanying family members until you are covered by the Danish National Health Insurance.If you are granted a residence permit, it is also a requirement that in the first year you have earned a minimum of DKK 50,000 in Denmark. The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment will automatically check the Danish income register to see if you meet this requirement. If not, your residence permit may be revoked.

Furthermore, it is a requirement that you do not receive any unemployment benefits for new graduates (dimittenddagpenge) or any public assistance under the terms of the Active Social Policy Act (lovomaktivsocialpolitik) during your stay in Denmark.

Points for educational level

You can only get points for the Danish educational level which your education equals.

The reason is that the level of academic degrees may vary from country to country, even if they have the same title. For example, at Mastersdegree from another country may not be of the same level as a Danish masters (candicatus) degree.

In order to receive any points for your educational level, you must, as a minimum, have the equivalent of a Danish Bachelor’s degree. You will only be given points for your highest educational level, and only for completed educational programmes. Points are given as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree/Graduated from medium-length education: 30 points
  • Bachelor’s degree followed by one-year Master’s degree: 50 points
  • Master’s degree: 60 points
  • PhD: 80 points

You will be given 30 bonus points if your education qualifies you to work in a field where Denmark is currently experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals.

You will be given bonus points if you graduated from a university which is internationally recognised for its high academic level according to the latest THES-QS World Ranking. Points are given as follows:

  • Top 400: 10 points
  • Top 200: 15 points
  • Top 100: 20 points

You can be given a maximum of 130 points for your educational level.

Language skills

In order to be given points for language skills, you must document that you have passed a recognised language test in either Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German. Only language tests that are verifiable and which you passed less than two years prior to the time you apply will be considered.

With regards to Danish, Swedish and Norwegian, you must have passed Danish Language Test, Level 1, 2 or 3 (Prøve i Dansk 1, 2 eller 3) or the Study Test in Danish as a Second Language (Studieprøven) or the Swedish or Norwegian equivalent:

  • Prøve i Dansk 1 (or Swedish/Norwegian equivalent): 5 points
  • Prøve i Dansk 2 (or Swedish/Norwegian equivalent): 10 points
  • Prøve i Dansk 3 (or Swedish/Norwegian equivalent): 20 points
  • Studieprøven (or Swedish/Norwegian equivalent): 40 points

With regards to English or German, your must have passed an English or German language test equivalent to Danish Language Test, Level 3 (Prøve i Dansk 3) or the Study Test in Danish as a Second Language (Studieprøven):

  • English/German test equivalent to Prøve i Dansk 3: 20 points
  • English/German test equivalent to Studieprøven: 40 points

You can only receive points for one Scandinavian language and for either English or German. Consequently, you can receive points for both Swedish and English, or both Danish and German, but not for both Danish and Norwegian, or for both English and German.

You can be given a maximum of 40 points for your language skills.

Points for adaptability

You can be given points for your educational or work related attachment to the EU/EEA (including Denmark) or Switzerland, as this is seen to increase your ability to quickly adapt to the Danish labour market. Points are given for either education or work. Points are given as follows:

You can be given points for your educational or work related attachment to the EU/EEA (including Denmark) or Switzerland, as this is seen to increase your ability to quickly adapt to the Danish labour market. Points are given for either education or work. Points are given as follows:

  • Completion of at least one year’s study at a higher educational programme in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland: 5 points
  • Completion of at least three years’ study at a higher educational programme in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland: 10 points


  • At least one full year’s (12 consecutive months’) legal residence and work in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland: 5 points
  • At least two consecutive year’s legal residence and work in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland: 10 points
  • You will be given 5 bonus points for Danish language skills (passed exam in Danish Language Test, Level 2 (Prøve i Dansk 2) or higher).

You can be given a maximum of 15 points for adaptability.


You can be granted a first-time residence permit under the Greencard scheme for up to two years. Before the end of this period, you can apply for an extension of up to three years.

Your residence permit can be extended if you meet a minimum income requirement: If, in the course of the past 12 months before submitting your application for an extension, you have earned the average salary (of the public and private sector) for new graduates with a Bachelor’s degree. In 2015, the required amount is DKK 319,725

You must have earned this salary on ordinary terms, your salary must have been reported to the Danish tax administration (SKAT), and your employer must be established in Denmark. Public subsidies and support, sick pay and similar will not be included when calculating your pay.

You can submit your application for an extension no sooner than 3 months before your residence permit expires. It is crucial that you submit your application for an extension before your current residence permit expires.



About Hongkong As one of the world’s leading international financial centres, Hong Kong’s service-oriented economy is characterized by its low taxation, almost free port trade and well established international financial market

Robust economy:

Hong Kong has emerged as an economic hub, offering enormous employment and business opportunities to the people. It is one among the most dynamic and open economies around the world.

Hong Kong Residency:

Immigration to Hong Kong entitles the individuals to the residency in a swifter and easier manner. The immigrants need only few months to apply for the residency status.

Lawful society:

Hong Kong is a legal country, which assures to offer certain human rights and safeguard of private property and human rights. Thus, a number of overseas nationals prefer to migrate to Hong Kong.

Sincere Government:

Hong Kong government is resourceful and honest and it is also known for its unmatched service to the community, regarding the public beliefs, defending public interests. The positive aspect of the state is another benefit of Hong Kong immigration.

Remarkable Habitation:

Hong Kong boasts of an extremely flourishing material and spiritual civilization with a high quality of life, even as all this makes the country as the very best city for immigrants.

Affordable cost of Living:

The cost of living in Hong Kong is very low, the cost of food, travelling, medical, telecommunication and entertainment is comparatively affordable when compare to other leading immigrations destinations. This another main reason for Hong Kong immigration.

Free education:

The country offer education without any charge for the immigrants children. After shifting to the nation, migrants’ children can benefit from completely free education for a period of nine years.

Breath taking Tourist Spots:

The breath taking attractions in the country also lure overseas individuals to visit to Hong Kong.


This scheme is also known as the Quality Migrant Talent Scheme. It is a scheme for those who intend to live and work in Hong Kong. The main objective of this program is to attract the highly skilled foreign migrants who could contribute to the economy of Hong Kong. The scheme would permit entrance to those migrants who otherwise do not have the right to enter and reside in the region. In order to qualify under this program, an applicant does not need to have an employment offer in prior. However, a set of prerequisites have to be satisfied under the Points Based Test – The General Points Test and Achievement-based Points Test. A quota would be allotted to the applicant based on the scores obtained in either of the above tests. Successful applicants are permitted to bring their dependents (spouse and unmarried children below 18 years of age). However, the applicant should be able to support self and dependents during their stay in Hong Kong. For this, sufficient financial resources are a must and should not depend on public assistance.

Note: Citizens of Cambodia, Nepal, Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of), Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, Albania and Cuba are not eligible for this scheme.

Eligibility Criteria Facts (In Asia)

Age: All the applicants should be atleast 18 years of age when they file their application Academic Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university/institution with first class scores. In case, the applicant does not have a bachelor’s degree, his professional experience, technical qualifications and other achievements are considered. Those who have a master’s degree or higher have excellent chances of their applications being approved.

Financial Requisites: The applicant must have sufficient finances to support self and dependents post landing in Hong Kong.

Language Skills: All applicants must demonstrate proficiency in either English or Chinese. To be eligible under this scheme, an average score of 6.0 in IELTS is a must.

Character: All applicants must have a good character and should not have any form of criminal or negative immigration record in Hong Kong. Police clearance certificates from all the nations where the applicant has resided for more than a year in the last 10 years have to be provided.

Documents Required:
  • An application form ID(E) 981 with the applicant’s signatures;
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport (the personal particulars page);
  • Copy of the applicant’s unique qualification proof;
  • Copy of applicant’s work experience
  • Copy of documents for Dependents

Processing Time:

The Hong Kong visa application process normally takes 6-18 months from the date of submission.


The initial Hong Kong visa once obtained is valid for a maximum of 24 months (sometimes less).

Once the visa has been approved, the applicant is eligible to apply for a Hong Kong Identity Card


  • Eligibility Factors: The clients should be eligible with the threshold requirements.
  • If they are eligible we put up the application by mailing the same to HK office.
  • Selection of applicants would be done under the quota system.
  • This process generally takes 4 to 6 weeks. If we don’t receive any result for the same the application will remain in the pool till we do not get a refusal from Immigration Authority.
  • If the client is selected he will receive an Approval In Principle.
  • The main applicant has to visit HK on a tourist visa to appear for the interview with all the original documents.
  • If he clears the interview he would be handed over the Permit Sticker on the Blank page of the passport along with the Medical Clearance.

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All consultancies or agents, interested in offering migration advice to individuals or business for Immigration or business visits, etc to Australia should be registered with MARA.

ICCRC is the national regulatory authority designated by the Government of Canada to safeguard consumers who seek Canadian immigration advice and representation from immigration consultants.